Tom Adelaar in the 13th One Night Stand series

By November 27, 2017 April 30th, 2020 No Comments
After eleven successful editions, the thirteenth series of One Night Stand films will go in production. The following projects have been selected:

Dòst, scenario Britt Snel, director Joren Molter, producer Family Affair Films

Free Fight, scenario & director Sven Bresser, producer IJswater Films

In Limbo, scenario Wander Theunis & Jim Süter, director Jim Süter, producer Keplerfilm

Niet zonder jou, scenario Cecilie Levy, director Mari Sanders, producer BIND

Tom Adelaar, scenario Ashar Medina, director Gonzalo Fernandes, producer Topkapi Films

Zomerbroeders, scenario & director Mustafa Duygulu, producer New Amsterdam Film Company

These films will go in premiere during the Dutch Film Festival 2018 and will be broadcasted at the end of 2018 at NPO 3.

One Night Stand is in context of talent development an important, yearly film project for talented film- and tv-developers in the Netherlands. In total 49 plans where submitted of which 12 where developed into a scenario. The selection exists of six contemporary, original and visual film plans all with the theme “revenge”. One Night Stand is a communal initiative of the broadcasters NTR, BNNVARA and VPRO, the NPO fund, the Dutch Film fund and CoBo. The six films where produced in coproduction with NTR, BNNVARA and VPRO.

This years One Night Stand will go on with a sustainable production.

The One Night Stand films of the twelfth edition are broadcasted the upcoming weeks on NPO 3. The films of previous years can be streamed from the NPO3 website.