Topkapi Films to co-produce The Melting

By April 12, 2016 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments
Topkapi Films will be co-producing the film adaption of The Melting, the directorial debut of Veerle Beatens (Leading Actress from The Broken Circle Breakdown), after the successful novel by Lize Spit.

The Melting tells the story of the young Eva. In the year of her birth, only two other children were born in the small Flemish town Bovenmeer. Two boys, with whom Eva shares her youth. When the three hit puberty, the arising hormones create a divergence between them. Thirteen years after an extremely hot summer that completely got out of hand, she returns to her native village with a big block of ice in the boot of her car. Slowly it becomes clear that this time, she is the one in charge.

This project is the 7th cooperation between Topkapi Films and Menuet; together they produced titles such as The Misfortunates (De helaasheid der dingen), Public Works, Layla M., The Resurrection of a Bastard and The Broken Circle Breakdown.