Turbulent Skies selected by Dutch Cultural Mediafund

By December 14, 2016 May 1st, 2020 No Comments

The International Jury of the Dutch Cultural Mediafund has selected 3 projects (out of 5) for subsidy. The Jury has evaluated the projects based on originality, theme and how this is implemented in a powerful, credible and stratified narrative, ‘overall narrative and arch’, visions on the subject and implementation, artistic quality, competency of the characters, composition of teams, international potency and proposed approach of the scenario stage.

The Jury on Turbulent Skies: “A piece of exceptional Dutch history becomes of international significance in a compelling narrative about the lifelong rivalry between entrepreneurs and opposite personalities Plesman and Fokker. The makers know how to make the characters of Plesman and Fokker fascinating, both paying a high price for the international arena in which they operate. Their tale fascinates until the end and promising, powerful turns and interesting perspectives provide the story with quality. The Jury expects that during the scenario phase, the team will be able to develop the story into a tale of international level.”

Turbulent Skies tells the tale of entrepreneurs Fokker and Plesman: ‘As founders of the Dutch aviation, idealist Albert Plesman and opportunist Anthony Fokker, are inextricably bound together. They cannot live with or without each other. During the interwar period and in spite of their differences, they pull off setting up civil aviation in the Netherlands, when the world is heading for a new war.’