Two Topkapi TV series selected by the NPO-Fund

By October 10, 2017 April 30th, 2020 No Comments
Drama television series Turbulent Skies (original title: Vliegende Hollanders) is supported for the production phase by the NPO-fund.

The Jury unanimously believes that the plan provides a well-documented, historically interesting and attractive drama for a broad public.

Turbulent Skies is an epic television series about airline founder Albert Plesman and airplane manufacturer Anthony Fokker. Taking place during the onset of commercial aviation in the 1920’s and 30’s, the show tells the story of two passionate Dutch pioneers; highly contrasting in character yet so alike in boldness, vision and resolve. Plesman and Fokker did not get along, but in ambitious pursuit of their dreams they had no choice but to work together.

Director: Joram Lürsen; Writer: Thomas van der Ree in collaboration with Winchester McFly
Broadcaster: AVROTROS

Next to Flying Dutchmen the drama television series Childhood Dreams (original title: De Droom van de Jeugd) is supported for the development phase by the NPO-fund.

The Jury thinks that the idea of ​​personifying fifty years of Dutch political history into a family history is ambitious and special.

Childhood Dreams tells the story of the essential and inevitable fight for freedom and self-determination of each new generation.

Director: Remy van Heugten; Writer: Marnie Blok & Charles den Tex.
Broadcaster: KRO-NCRV