URK selected for Torino SeriesLab 2018

By November 8, 2017 April 30th, 2020 No Comments
URK, a series written by Tom Bakker, got selected by Torino SeriesLab 2018.

URK tells the story about a murder investigation by terminally ill detective MARIA (63) in the religious fishing village of Urk that exposes the picturesque town’s underbelly of drugs, human trafficking, stubbornness and inexplicable supernatural events. Meanwhile, the killer, devout Christian FEMMY (16), tries to avoid getting caught.

The programme will guide international scriptwriters and directors in the development of innovative TV series projects that were never presented anywhere else before. SeriesLab will follow the process of creation of the series concept throughout an intensive 5-month course with 3 workshops in the Netherlands, Sweden and France, which will culminate in a final presentation of the content at the Series Mania Lille Hauts-de-France Coproduction Forum in front of an audience of international TV execs taking part in the festival. 101 proposals were submitted to the SeriesLab selection committee, nine of these were selected to participate in the program.