Waterboys and Harde Noten selected for Telefilm 2013

By June 6, 2013 June 3rd, 2020 No Comments
Topkapi Films got selected for the Telefilm 2013 development stage with two projects:

Waterboys by Robert Jan Westdijk was selected by VARA television. It is a film about a father and son who both try to cope with their relation crisis.

BNN selected Harde Noten by Thomas van der Ree & Viktor Griffioen (screenplay) and Joost Reijmers (director). Harde Noten is a musical comedy on friendship, love, bleeding noses and black eyes.

This year the Telefilm commission received 98 applications; 12 projects were selected for further development.

Telefilms are Dutch feature films, made for public broadcasting. The Telefilm project started in 1998 and since then 81 Telefilms has been produced and broadcasted. Every year 6 Telefilms are realized. The Telefilms are realized with financial support of OCW and CoBO.