Zilveren Krulstraat nomination for Mission Earth!

By September 14, 2015 May 27th, 2020 No Comments

Mission Earth, written by Nathan Vecht, Don Duyns, Daan Windhorst and Rik van den Bos, got nominated for the Zilveren Krulstaart award.

The members of the Dutch ‘Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers’ have been giving their votes for the most important screenplay prizes for the Netherlands. Their votes are given in three categories, of which Mission Earth landed in the category for best screenplay for a tv series.

Mission Earth tells the story of seven crew members of the Tasman, a spaceship looking for a new home planet after nearly the entire world got flooded in 2063. While the hope of mankind is focused on the seven heroes, the astronauts themselves are not always aware of this as they are stuck with each other all day in a space ship. Just like on every workplace they have to deal with each others’ rarities and shortcomings.

The awards will be given out September 25th, during the Day of the Screenplay at the Netherlands Film Festival.