Janine Jansen performs title music Public Works

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Violinist Janine Jansen performs the title music for the feaure film Public Works. In the film we hear parts of the Brahms violin concert performed by Janine Jansen in Rome last January. With an enviable international reputation Janine Jansen works regularly with the world’s most eminent orchestras including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Berliner Philharmoniker and the New York Philharmonic. The film Public Works is directed by Joram Lűrsen (Love is All, The Family Way), after the screenplay by Frank Ketelaar (The Prey, Betrayal, In Orange). The main parts are for Gijs Scholten van Aschat (Tirza), Jacob Derwig (The Family Way, The Dinner) and Rifka Lodeizen (Can go through skin, Simon).

The film is produced by Topkapi films, in collaboration with September film, VPRO and Querido. Coproducers of the film are Menuet (Belgium), I’m FILM and Mythberg Films (Hungary).

The film will be released in Dutch theatres on December 10th.